Friday, September 24, 2010

Storm in Haiti

Tonight around 4:30 the clouds got dark, the wind started blowing, and my phone started beeping.

Digicel, the most popular telephone company in Haiti, sent out a message to all its clients.

"Port au Prince is in the middle of a cyclone. Don't stand under telephone polls. Don't stand under trees. The winds are strong. Don't go into homes that could fall over."

Shortly after the message came through, my phone started ringing. The wind kept coming and the rain fell sideways.

"Paige, make sure you are safe. Don't go into a building in case it falls over."

Nine months later, but the feelings are still raw.

I have been in hurricanes in Haiti in the past, and never once have I received a message from Digicel, or a telephone call from a friend reminding me to be in a secure location.

Haiti will come out of this stronger than before. Little by little positive changes will take place.