Friday, July 24, 2009

How we got a Cut Toe Epidemic...

"Paige. My toe is cut. It hurts." *sniff*

"Oh, no, Pierre. Come on. That hurts, doesn't it?"

"mmmhmm." *sniff*

"Ok. Let's wash it off, and bandage it up."

*sniff*   "Ok."

"There you go. All set. Just don't walk through the mud.  Here. Take a cookie to go because you were a great patient."

"Mesi."  *sniff* 

(The next day)

"Paige. My toe still hurts." *sniff*

"Ok. Let's take a look... Looks much better. But here, take a cookie to go."

"Mesi." *sniff*

(The next day)

"Paige. My toe hurts."

"Ok. Let's look. Nope. Nothing wrong with it... but here is a cookie."


(The next day)


"Pierre. Your toe is all better, remember?"

"But now I cut the other toe... and Eric cut his too... see?... We need you to wash them off... and we need a cookie..."

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  1. Sooooo cute and so typical. I loved it!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!! Love you and miss you!!