Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, I am back in Arizona.  I have been back for about two months, and am missing Haiti terribly.  Right now, aside from trying to re-acclimate myself to the United States, I am working on a benefit concert in December. 

With the production company Shakitutu, I have been working on a concert titled Unity is Power that will be held in Port au Prince December 20.  Baobab, Espwa's very own Rap Kreyol group, will have the opportunity to perform at the concert along with other famous Rap Kreyol groups from France, Canada, the US and Haiti.  This is an amazing opportunity for our up- and- coming artists, and they still can't believe it is actually true.  (In fact- they said they won't believe it until the day actually comes.)  For guys that have grown up surrounded by disappointment, struggle, and unreachable dreams, I don't blame them for being skeptical.  This is a well deserved opportunity, and I have no doubt that it will open doors to more opportunities for them. 

Shakitutu will also be putting on a smaller concert in Les Cayes that Baobab will also perform at.  The day of the concert, ALL of our Espwa children will be receiving Christmas presents hand delivered by their favorite artists.  How exciting is that?! With more than 700 children, this is an amazing gift.  Also, ALL of the profits from the concert in Les Cayes will go directly back to Espwa funds.  It really is going to be a great holiday season.  I want to thank Shakitutu for their support and for giving our children and Espwa this opportunity. 

Unfortunately, we still have not reached our goal as far as funding goes for the concert.  If you would like to donate, please contact me.  Any little bit helps, and the closer we get to our funding goal, the more Espwa is benefited.  

Thank you all for your support over the past year and a half.  I really had no idea how many people were thinking about me, supporting me, and checking up on me until I heard how frustrated you all were that I stopped updating my blog!  Sorry!  This is not the end of my journey, it has just taken a different turn.  Please stop in now and then, as I will update as the fundraiser gets closer, and will let you all know how it went.  

Thank you for your prayers for myself as well as our children.  

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  1. Hi Paige-
    Glad to read that you've checked in!
    Love you, AP