Saturday, April 26, 2008

Step by Step

Every day I'm a little older.
A little taller. 
A little wiser.

Every day I hear a little more.
I see a little more. 
I taste a little more. 

Every day my hopes get bigger. 
My dreams get stronger. 
My will gets harder. 

I hold it.
I touch it. 
I live it. 


  1. Hey Misz O!!
    I Miss YoU!!
    when are you coming back?!!!???
    or are you even coming back missy!
    its so different without you and even though this year has been a lot of fun with everyone i still really miss you actually we all really miss you!
    so please atleast come and visit and also don't forget to write back to me Big BIRD!!
    WE LoVE yOu!

  2. Hi Paige-
    I'm so glad to see that you've recently posted, and hope that you remain safe and strong!
    I'm staying at your parents until Sunday, when they return home. All is well here. I can't believe how grown up Jill has become, and she's been a big help to me.
    I know that your sisters really miss you, and I do, too!
    Bon nuit.