Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blood's Visit

One of my fantastic four buddies came back to visit me, along with some of his buddies from Valpo, and Dr. Blood's group. They were here for about a week, and were so busy during that week that I didn't really get to take any pics of them. One night we were able to sneak them away to town so we could teach them how to do the Limbo- but other than that they were working.
Using the hood of one of our old cars, they were able to make a basketball hoop, which has now become very popular amongst our boys. I'll be sure to get a picture of that up on the blog soon.

Thanks for visiting Daniel- it was great seeing you again, and meeting your friends. Come back soon. Keep in touch. and keep Limbo-ing!


  1. Hi Paige-
    It sure sounds like alot of work and some fun squeezed into your days.
    I love the creativity of using the hood from an old car and look forward to seeing a picture soon.
    Happy Easter to all your way!

  2. Hey thanks for showing us such a great time, i know everybody here at valpo had a blast that night. (But why did they turn the lights on everytime the we went in the dance area?? must be our amazing dancing skills!)

  3. Paige, I was wondering if you knew the artist of the Limbo song? Its been stuck in my head for weeks! Thanks for taking us out to the club, it was really fun!

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