Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Limbo

I can honestly say that Haitians have the COOLEST dances. Right now, the Limbo is the dance. The music rocks, the dance is so much fun, and when everyone gets going, there is a crazy energy. I absolutely love it! Maybe I'll try bringing it to the states.


  1. doubt that it could be my Cupid's Shuffle though. Hello Miss Paige, how are you doing? seems like forever since we spoke. I actually got a text from one of your old students and it made me think of you (obviously) [look no "L" in obvious.... getting better] anyways hope all is well.

  2. I love seeing you 'shake your stuff', Paige, and your zeal for new experiences!

  3. Hey Paige...Gosh have I been frustrated. Everytime I pulled up your blog....the January 18th one popped up. I thought you hadn't updated for a month!! I finally clicked on the year 2008, and saw several more entries come up!! I am angry I missed so much. Sorry!!
    It looks like you will never give up the dancer in you....you were born to "shake your booty". I am sure Lynne and "the guy you used to heart" will love the new moves. By the way....congratulations, Adrian!!!
    Well, I am happy to be back in the "loop" again, with the blog. Take care. Give everyone a big hug from me for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Love you!! XXXXXOOOOO

  4. Hey Paige
    I see you shaking your stuff with the locals...Michelot and I can't wait to come out there and check out the orphanage...